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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Beauty Essentials

Let me tell you, trying to find a makeup and beauty routine that works for you is hard and complicated. There are so many products  and so many new trends emerging everyday  its difficult to know what to do and how do you ever know what you actually need? If you’re just starting out or if you’re looking to simplify your makeup bag,  I am sharing with you a few things that I think should be essentials in every girls collection. So, first of all Makeup, you don't actually need that many products to elevate your makeup game, you just need a good base, some colour and a go to lipstick. In my make up bag, I have: 

Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation
Nars Radient Creamy Concealer 

Sleek Lethal Length Mascara 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact  

Chanel Ã‰criture de Chanel 

Maybelline Eyestudio (Black)

Mac Blusher (Raisin)

Tom Ford Lipstick (Pussycat)

Now onto skincare, this is an area where I still find it difficult to create a routine and stick to it, I have tried to keep it as simple as possible and I have narrowed down my list to a few items that are essentials for a healthy skin.  


  1. That Tom Ford looks gorgeous and are Chanel eyeliners long staying? Love this post Adaora

  2. That's the reason beauty bloggers amaze me. So many products. I have to confess I have a ton in my makeup bag but only use a few on a regular basis.

  3. Nice post. Love the pictures!!

    So inspiring.

    Keep it up :)

    With love,


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