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Monday, 18 January 2016

Beauty Review: Christian Louboutin Lipstick

Worth the hype?

Survivita (Velvet Matte) || Rouge Louboutin (Silky Satin)

The lipsticks are available in three distinct formulas, Velvet Matte, silky satin and Sheer Voile. I usually only wear matte and satin shades so i picked up Survivita in velvet matte and Rouge Louboutin in silky satin. Both textures glide on with an opulent and sensual feel

The lipsticks come in a wide variety of shades (38 shades) and I got 2 colours, the classic Louboutin red and a gorgeous dark pink shade. The colour payoff is amazing, it has a medium to full coverage and both the matte shade and the satin shade last a decent amount of time (about 4 hours).  

The lipsticks come in the most gorgeous packaging I have ever seen, which was partially what drew me to it. 

So was it worth it? - With a price tag of £60, it is quite difficult to justify but the colour payoff is very good and it is a luxurious item that is very nice to have, if nothing else it will stand out on your makeup counter. I am already looking to buy a nude shade. 


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