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Saturday, 8 August 2015


I am the type of person that usually skips breakfast because I'm never in the mood to eat and then I find myself buying something unhealthy when I'm out and about when I get hungry. However, part of my resolution this year has been to find easy, quick and filling  breakfasts that will keep me going till lunch time and this Oats + Chia oatmeal is just perfect.

I was actually sent a packet of these Oats + Chia in my birchbox a while ago but i never tried it because I normally can't stand oats but when I finally did, I went looking for more that same day. These are different from your boring oats, they are made with whole grain oats, chia seed, different delicious fruits and coconut oil. Best of all, they are vegan and dairy free but taste so creamy. They have a variety of flavours, from Apple Spice to Mixed Berry and you can find a selection of these at your local Wholefoods and you can find other The Chia Co products at Tesco.


  1. Now that looks good. I love oatmeal and always spice it up with blueberries or even raisins. Would love to try this brand. The mixed berry should be a great flavor.

  2. I don't like having breakfast too and the only way you can get me to have oats is by pouring some in my smoothies. Honestly when you mentioned nuts and coconut being some of the ingredients in this I found myself already excited to try them out and I can't wait. Great review.

  3. Oh yum this sounds like a great idea! I like adding chia seeds to things, but never though to add it to oats for breakfast! That would definitely fill you up for the morning :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. This sounds interesting.
    I have never tried it but looks delicious

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  5. Lovely post!! :)


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