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Sunday, 8 March 2015

February Favourites

Hey lovelies, so I was planning on doing a video for my February favourites but I left my tripod in London and I won't be going back for a few weeks and it would have been too late so I decided to just do a blog post. So here are my February favourites: 

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This a new discovery for me, I got a 30ml bottle in an advent calendar and I was obsessed so I had to buy the full size. I just slather it all over my face, and use a cloth to take it off, and it is great on waterproof eye makeup. I don't actually use the muslin cloth that it comes with, I just use my cotton face towels. 

I cannot rave about this foundation enough, Read my review on it here 

This is perfection in a bottle. It is pretty much just a cooling spray and it is perfect for summer. I took it on holiday with me to Nigeria and it is great to spray when the weather is hot and also to freshen up after a long flight. I usually carry it in my bag at all times, great to spray on your make up if it looks too matte, or after the gym or just randomly throughout the day to freshen up. 

You will hardly see me eating chocolates, I am not really a fan but the only chocolate that I love is the Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffle, I haven't bought them in a long time but I picked some up buy the till the other day and I keep going back to buy some more (What fitness journey? ha). 

I would say that I am a candle collector, I have so many and I have been loving my Diptyque Bougie Perfumee candle but I saw this Muji candle a few weeks ago and at £3.50, I couldn't resist. It smells amazing. My room smells so good after burning it so I went and picked up another one (the Jasmine and Olive one). Not keen on the tin though.

I have worn this perfume every single day in February, it is a floral, feminine scent but not too sweet or floral. It also has some Patchouli essences (which we all know is my favourite scent in perfumes/ beauty products)

Last month I raved about my Desert Metals Mascara but I am back to my Benefit they're real mascara. It gives a lot of length, which is all I need because my lashes are thick/curly and I don't wear false lashes so these are a life saver. 

I previously mentioned that I was on the hunt for thew perfect nude lipstick but I have found a solution. this lip pencil goes so well with all my nude lipsticks and I sometimes wear it alone with a nude lipgloss and it looks gorgeous. 

If there is one make up thing I cannot live without, it will have to be my eyeliners. I love to do a cat eye everyday, day or night so I have collected quite a few eyeliners over time. 
This is one of my favourites and the one I have been wearing the most this month, I love the felt tip nib as it makes it easier to control and draw a sleek cat eye. I wouldn't recumbent this if you want a very fine, thin line but I like mine thick and bold so the size is perfect for me

Thanks for reading, leave a comment below of what you have been loving, I love trying out new products. 

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