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Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Series: Christmas Party Dress

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  ||1 || 2 || 3||
 ||1 || 2 || 3||

Hello lovelies, this is the second part of my christmas series, check out my Gift Guide For Her post here
Anyway, unto part 2, the christmas party dresses. I love christmas, everything is so festive and happy and there are so many parties and events. I must be honest, I don't actually go to a lot of christmas parties, I prefer to snuggle up by the fire place with mince pies and a cup of tea but sometimes I get out for a party/ event and since its christmas time, why not stand out. 

I put together some of my favourite dresses that are bound to impress at any party. I love simple styles, but I also love gold, sparkles and lace at christmas time. 

Adaora S.

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