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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Dressed To Thrill

||Dress: Jaeger||Shoes: ASOS || Bag: Michael Kors ||Shirt: Marks & Spencer ||Jacket: Topshop||

 "In fashion there are girls that wear the coat on top of the shoulders and others that put their arms through it. Big difference."

I found this quote online and I just had to share it

It has been a very popular look with fashion bloggers and it seems like every body and their grandmother is sporting this look and I have been inspired. I have to tell you, walking down the street with my coat over my shoulder made me feel fearless, almost like a cape of amour.  
  I also got told I looked like a school girl in this outfit lol.   

Adaora S.

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  1. Stunning pics dear!!!
    Lovely and super interesting blog: I'm following you, what about following each others?
    In The Checkout Line - Fashion Blog
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  2. I love this MK bag! X



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