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Friday, 22 November 2013

Donate By Colour, Why not?

Hey lovely people, I have found the best thing ever, the Donate by colour handbags by Angela & Roi. 
Basically, they are an online handbag brand that combines fashion and philanthropy by colour, they donate $5 from each handbag sale to a chosen non-profit health organisations and also increase the awareness of each cause by color of a handbag sold. 
Such an amazing idea right, combining charity with one of my favourite things in the world, handbags. I am very passionate about charity and when I heard of this company I just had to check them out. 
The designs are so gorgeous too, they are minimal and classic, which I adore. Also they use Vegan Leather to make their bag, so very animal friendly too. 
I have been looking through their website and as hard as it has been, I have narrowed down my favourites. 

From Top Left: Sunday Caramel Tote (Child Cancer) - $142 || Sunday Brink-Pink Tote (Breast Cancer) - $142 || Everyday Dark-Orange Long Tote (Kidney Disease) - $120 || Classic Green Cross-Body (Anxiety and Depression) - $93 || Palette Purple Cross-Body (Alzheimer’s Disease) - $65 

I put together my favourites to show you just some of their amazing collection and also to show you the range of causes they support. I am already coveting the sunday caramel tote and will be adding it to my christmas wishlist. 
Check Them out here: Angela Roi

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  1. They are going a good thing by donating some of their money. Those bags look really nice I would love to have one!!.

  2. aw wow this is pretty amazing, I love the dark purple one!


  3. great post! would you like to follow eachother?


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