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Friday, 22 February 2013

Beauty Review: Ben Nye Powders

Hey guys, I just decided to do a quick review of the Ben Nye powders that everyone's been raving about. When it comes to makeup, I like to experiment but once I find what works for me, I tend to stick to it so when I heard about the Ben Nye powders, I didn't jump on board because my Mac Studio fix and prep + prime powders were just fine. Anyway, fast forward months later and tens of youtube videos featuring the Ben Nye powders, I decided to try them out.

They are surprisingly hard to find in the UK, I tried so many sites and finally found one that put on a 'waiting list' crazy right? Anyway, I'm a Mac NW50 and a shade 13 in Lancome Teint Idole Ultra so I decided I wasn't brave enough to attempt the Banana powder for my concealer and went for the Topaz, I also decided that since the prices were reasonable, I would try a face powder. I took a leap of faith and ordered Chestnut as well.

First impression, I was impressed with the amount of powder I got for under £10, but I also really disliked the packaging, for a long time, every time I applied them, I had to tip some out into the cap and cram my brush into it and that didn't work for me because it always got messy. This was quickly fixed however, because I found some old powders I'd bought in the wrong shade from Bare Minerals, so I tipped those out and used their packaging to store the Ben Nye powders. I'm sure you'll be able to find something similar from any container store. Or try Selfridges, where Muji is, they have a lot of containers. 

Overall, I loved the powers, I particularly loved Topaz which I use under my eyes to set my concealer as it stops my concealer from creasing, which was a major problem for me. The one I use to keep the rest of my face matte is also lovely, It's really light and keeps my face matte for about 8 hours, it has completely replaced my mac compact powder.

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  1. hey Adaora!!! im a NW50 in mac as well what do yu think of the ebony? n pls where did yu order the powders

    1. I found that chestnut was just perfect for me, ebony might be a bit too dark. I bought it from this website:

  2. I m a Mac nw 50 and lancome 550c. I use ebony as a contour color chestnut is fine to set my foundation and I use Sienna under my eyes... Great review by the way

  3. Hey, I was wondering which would be best for an under eye highlight, you know, that kind of Kim Kardashian look? I'm around an NW50 too :)

    1. For that Kim Kardashian look, I suggest using Banana


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