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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Beauty Review: Sleek B.B. Cream

Hey Guys, so I've been trying to resist the temptation to go and buy a B.B. cream because I love my foundations and I do like a medium to full coverage so I didn't really see a need for tinted moisturizer, which has light coverage. Anyway, I read so many praises from people about them and decided to look around, as expected, most of them did not come in my shade but the other day, I was in Superdrug and I saw the Sleek B.B. cream. I must admit, I love it, it gives a full coverage so its like a moisturizing, cheap foundation. I also love the fact that It has no smell, I'm not joking it smells of nothing.
It also looks good on, it gives a natural looking coverage that matches my skin colour so well. I think I will be buying this when it runs out.

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  1. I love tinted moisturizers, only problem is they wipe off easily. I bought a tinted moisturizer from Avon or Mary of those and i loved it to death except that it got on EVERYTHInG, my collar, other peoples faces
    (when I hugged them) my fingers...that was the only issue. How does this one hold up. Would have loved to see a before and after shot of your face!! Nice blog!!

    1. Thank you
      I will be honest, I have had the same problem with this one, it does come off very easily but I just generally loved the way it looked on my face so I tried to work with it by setting it with a powder

  2. The DR Jart bb cream that came in this month's glossy box is fab :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  3. My only concern about this BB cream is because it contains spf 15,
    it might look ashy in pictures.
    Have you taken pictures with it on?
    PS. I am in love with your blog, amazing clear photos!!!


  4. I absolutely love this BB cream. It works for me and I rarely use my foundation now. I find it is best to set it with a powder if you want it to stay on longer. And the fact that it has spf15 is a great thing for face protection.

    P.S: Very nice blog


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